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To Pat / 30 July 2020

I worry about everything

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I need help im 11 and worry about everything

From Pat / 26 August 2020


Hello, you are very welcome to Ask Pat.

Its sounds like there is a lot going on for you right now. We are sorry to hear that you worry about everything. Worrying about everything can be such a big thing and it can’t be  easy for you.

Do you have an adult in your life that you trust enough to talk to? Someone that you can to speak to about what is worrying you. This person could be one of your parents or maybe you would prefer to talk to someone else, an aunt or uncle, or a grandparent. You have the right to talk about what is going on for you and you have the right to get support. It would be important that you find out why everything worries you and how you can find help to stop them worrying you so much.

Have you seen the Childline Headbombz video?  Maybe you could look at it with the adult and it might help you to get chatting about your worries. There is help out there for you. Talking to someone is a big but a real important step. You have the right to get help and to feel safe and secure.

Remember, you are not alone, you can always contact Childline. You can get in touch a number of different ways, by phone on 1800 66 66 66, by text on 50101 or through web chat which is accessible on Childline’s website The website has some has articles about topics that may be helpful to you at the moment, 

Reaching out to Ask Pat was a big thing for you to do, and you should be proud in doing that. We really would love to chat to you more about your worries and to help you find out how you can get help to manage them. Get in touch soon soon.

Thank you for contacting us,


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