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What do I do? So, I’m home schooled and have been all my life. (I’ve been to school for 3 months because my mom forced it but whatever) and my dad believes all schools teach crap like lgbtqia. And force you. But I want to go to school. There’s a good one in our town. Its private and Christian. But basically, we’re broke. We need to have money to get into it. Like 4000$ or something. Maybe 200$ I forgot which. But all I know its its way too expensive. We don’t even have 100$!!I know you’re probably an automatic message machine or something because you always say ” you’re brave to ask that question ” and stuff but like can you pray for me? If you know how? Thank you.


Hello there! Thanks for your question,
First of all, well done to you for reaching out – it takes courage to share your feelings. It sounds like you’re facing a challenging situation with wanting to attend a private Christian school but facing financial barriers. It’s totally normal to want different experiences, especially when it comes to education.
Many young people struggle with the balance between their own aspirations and their family’s circumstances. It’s important to express your feelings openly with your parents. Try having an honest conversation about why you would like to attend school and the potential benefits it could bring to your education and personal growth.
Additionally, explore alternative options together. There might be scholarship opportunities, financial aid, or even part-time work that could help with the fees.. You could also check if the school offers any assistance programs. Do you have another adult in your life who could support you when you are talking to your parents? Having a support network of people we can turn to at different times in our life is important. Perhaps one could be with you when you talk to your parents.
Finding a middle ground might take time, but opening up the lines of communication is a positive step. You have the strength to get through this, and remember, you’re never alone in facing these challenges. We’re here to support you along the way.
Our 24-hour freephone service is available to all young people in Ireland at 1800 66 66 66. However, young people outside Ireland can use our free Live Chat service and send us questions through Ask Alex. We have a team of people who answer Ask Alex questions and who answer the phone calls and Live Chat chats.
We hope this helps you. Remember you can contact us through Live Cat any time for any reason. Childline never closes. Take care of yourself,

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