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I think I'm transgender

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I think I’m transgender (I was assigned female at birth) but my parents won’t let me cut my hair so I can explore further. Can you help? 


Hi there, and welcome to ask Alex. 

You have said that you think you are transgender but your parent’s wont let you cut your hair so that you can explore this further. This must be really frustrating for you. It is important to talk about this topic and well done for reaching out to Ask Alex. You have the right to be heard and express yourself.  

This sounds like you are having a hard time at home with expressing yourself, we want you to know that you are not alone, and help highlight some supports available to you. You can find out some more information about exploring your gender identity here . BelongTo also have some youth groups that might help you, this space is where young people of the LGBTQI+ community can meet up. Being a part of these groups may help you as there will be other young people who are in similar situations.  

LGBT Ireland provide online support to people all over Ireland, their website has a range of supports available and can be reached at . 

There is this article on our website that you may also find useful to read: 

If you feel like you need more support with this, it might be a good idea to an adult you can trust to support you at this time. If you feel like you would like someone to listen to how you are feeling, and talk about what’s going on for you, you can contact us by phone on Freephone 1800 66 66 66 or through the live chat on  You can start a chat at any time by clicking on the Orange Tab on the right hand side of your screen. Childline is a non-judgmental and confidential listening service and we would really like to chat to you more about this.    

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