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I think I made a mistake by cancelling my therapy sessions

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I Feel that I Have made a mistake in canceling my therapy sessions, He was a very nice and warming man. I Had 8 sessions with him and felt that he greatley helped me to open up to him about things that i would usually not even let people guess about me. On my nineth session with him it was counted as an evaluation session in which he had me sit with my parents and he explained what he though of me. I was not worried about anything…until he explained to my parents that he thought that i have semi-severe PTSD and hyper awareness problems. although rationally this made alot of sense, hearing it allowed scared me all of a sudden and my defensive “wall” fell down and i paniced, at the one moment i then canceld all of my future appointments and refused to see him again in fear that he would of perscribed medication of rehab that would elimenate any chance of the job i intend to have in future


Hi there, thanks for contacting us to chat about what’s on your mind.  

It’s understandable you might be having mixed feelings at the moment around your therapy sessions ending so abruptly as it sounds like the last session was quite tough for you. It also sounds like these therapy sessions had been of great benefit to you and you could see and feel a difference in yourself until this final evaluation session took an unexpected turn. It seems like your therapist hadn’t yet shared his thoughts with you until the session with your parents, and that perhaps you felt a sense of shock as this was your first time hearing his thoughts around you having PTSD and hyper awareness.  

It’s completely understandable why this was difficult for you as it seems like you and your therapist may have benefitted from discussing these diagnoses between the two of you prior to communicating this to your parents. We wonder what it would be like for you to express these thoughts and feelings to your therapist in a way that would allow you explain why this session was so difficult for you. It might also create a space to allow your therapist to discuss treatment options with you, as you mentioned that you’re concerned about the possibility of prescribed medication or rehab being involved and how this may impact on your potential career. From what we understand, you had a good connection with this therapist during the time you spent together so maybe further exploration could be an option for you. 

In Childline we believe that ‘talking makes us stronger’, so if you feel that talking to your therapist is not an option for you at the minute, that’s okay because there are other are other services out there that can provide you with support. You would also have the right to seek help with your mental health by contacting your GP, or you can visit Childline also have listening services that are available 24 hours a day, all year round if you need to talk. All our services are free, confidential and non-judgmental. You can get in touch with us via our website for a webchat at  or send a text to 50101 or give us a call on 1800 66 66 66. 

We hope this answer is helpful to you and that you find a way to move forward in a supported way. 

Take care, 


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