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I quit sports a few weeks ago, what can I do to stay healthy?

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I quit a sport a few weeks ago because all my friends quit and for no one else there talks to me. My dad was super disappointed and has made that very clear. I want to join another sport that’s similar and I know people there but my dad won’t let me. He says it’s because I’m a quitter and I’ll quit again and I won’t see the first sport through and I’m a failure. I just want to have some excersise and he’s being so mean about it. I think this is so unfair but he won’t listen to me because he is very toxic and because I’m a girl and his daughter as soon as I open my mouth he either mocks me or shouts at me. What can I do I just want to stay healthy? 


Hi There and welcome to Ask Alex. 

Thanks for reaching out with your question, it sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment. You are saying that you quit a sport as you didn’t have friends there, but now you want to join a new sport, your dad isn’t being supportive and not listening to you, is that right? 

We understand that it can be difficult to chat about what’s going on for you, so thanks for getting in touch. You shared that you have quit a sport but want to join another one where you feel you will have more friends, and that you want to get some exercise. It sounds like you understand what a healthy and balanced lifestyle is which is great.  But it must be very difficult if your dad isn’t being supportive.   

Sometimes there can be tension or arguments in a family but it’s important to know that nobody has the right to make you feel upset, no matter who they are. You have the right to feel safe in your home, and if you ever feel unsafe or at risk, it’s important that you reach out to someone who can help you.   

Have you been able to chat to someone else you trust about how you are feeling?  Maybe they could help you to look at some alternatives or some compromises such as going to the new sport with a friend, finding something closer to you or at a different time? They might be able to support you to speak with your dad too, so he can understand how you are feeling. 

In the meantime, have you thought about some other ways you can get some exercise, could you meet a friend to go for a walk, or explore joining a sports club?  It’s important that we all get some form of exercise to keep our minds and bodies healthy. You may find one of these articles helpful to read from our website: ;

You can also contact us here at Childline if you’d like to chat a bit more. We offer a free, confidential and non-judgemental listen service and would love to chat through this some more with you.  You can contact us free by phone on 1800 66 66 66 or on web chat at You can start a chat at anytime by clicking on the Orange Tab on the right hand side of your screen. 

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