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I miss my therapist so much

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I miss my therapist. So I don’t therapy through pieta for my self harm and suicide thoughts..I had 17 sessions in total as after 2 they extended it by another 5 sessions. My therapist she was lovely, very understanding, caring, and most importantly she listen to everything I had to say even through my tears she was there. I’ve never met someone like that, I do not have anyone in my life to be that way or similar so I don’t talk to them. Now and again at times I think about her and I miss her my heart hurts and I’ve a pain in my gut I wish sometimes I could just message her or have a call with her, I miss the fact I opened up talked and talked and never did she make me feel,bad for what I said. I can’t go back to this therapist I don’t want another therapist. I just I don’t know miss this one sometimes when I need to talk but nobody else in my life in school anywhere can be like her and I wouldn’t trust anyone the way I trusted her… I’m so sad tonight missing her wishing I could call her and talk… and I’m sorry but calling childlike won’t be the same either cos you don’t no me and about my life like she did…. heartbroken tonight


Hi and welcome to Ask Alex. 

We would like to thank you for trusting us with your deepest thoughts, feelings and questions.  

From your message, it is clear that you had developed an incredibly positive relationship with your therapist, and that you felt listened to and supported by her. Unfortunately, because it was a professional engagement, your time with her has come to an end. We are sorry to hear that you miss her, understandably so considering your deep connection with her.   

What is concerning for us at Ask Alex though, is that you do not feel you have anyone that you can talk to now. Building strong and positive relationships with different people throughout our lives is so important to our wellbeing. When you say you have nobody in your life like that, we wonder what you mean. Do you perhaps have any friends or family members that you feel you can open up to at all? Can you think of an adult or friend you could build that trust and develop a positive relationship with over time? It might be helpful to remember that your therapist didn’t know you at the beginning of your relationship with her, but you allowed her in, and you built that trust with her. Having someone in our lives we can turn to is important because life is hardly ever smooth sailing, there are constant ups and downs and twists and turns to battle through and having some support can make things easier for us. Allow yourself to receive support. Remember, the people closest to us generally want the best for us and will support us in whatever way they can. 

I know you mentioned that talking with Childline is something you do not think would help because we do not know you or know about your life, but it can a great relief to just speak about what is going on for you, even with a stranger, so you don’t feel like you are alone. 

You can always contact Childline through our webchat at, by text on 50101 or call us on 1800 66 66 66. The Childline team is there to listen 24 hours a day, every day. Our services are free, confidential, and non-judgemental. We will support you and explore the different options available to you.     

I hope that you have found this answer useful, thank you for sharing your question and keep safe. 


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