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I masturbated and want to know if what I experienced is normal

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I’m a girl and and I’m 13 and this morning I rubbed my vagina for the first time, I really enjoyed it however I’m very confused by a few things. The first one if when I rubbed it really fast it was quite sticky and slimy and wet, I was also confused as to why my fingers smelt musky and why there was a musky smell coming from my vagina. The last thing is when I got up and I looked at my bed sheets there were a few small wet sticky patches on my bed what was this and is it normal


Hi, and welcome to Ask Alex.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reaching out and trusting us with what’s going on for you at the moment. 

You have some questions about the texture, smell and patches left on your bed after you touched your vagina for the first time. To answer your overall question of “is it normal?” the answer is yes!  

Exploring your body and touching your vagina is a very normal part of life; it is called masturbation when you touch your body for sexual pleasure. No two people or bodies are the same, so it is important to explore and see what you like in a safe and secure way. You said “when I rubbed it really fast it was quite sticky and slimy and wet” – as you find yourself getting more sexually aroused, the whole pelvic area may feel full as erectile tissues in the pelvis, vulva and clitoris swell with blood, and nerves in the area become more sensitive to stimulation and pressure. Furthermore, in the vagina, the increased blood circulation produces the fluid (transudate) that makes the vaginal walls and inner lips wet and that serves as a lubricant. We all produce different amounts of lubrication; there may not be very much, there might be plenty or it may come later on, after more sexual stimulation. The stuff you felt on your fingers and the patches on your bed are completely normal. 

In relation to the smell, all vaginas reside in a warm, dark place loaded with lymph nodes and glands. A vagina has its own delicately balanced ecosystem, complete with its own unique, odour-producing bacterial flora. In other words, all vaginas have an odour and again, this is completely normal. If you ever notice a change in the odour, it would be important to link with your GP as it could be an indication that all is not well with your vagina’s ecosystem. Here is a useful website that you might like to visit: 

Hygiene is very important to consider with masturbation. Things can be done beforehand to avoid bacterial infections or other issues like washing your hands or any other objects you may use when masturbating.  Having a safe, secure and private space in which you won’t be disturbed is also important.  

Conversations about anything to do with sexual exploration or health can be difficult to start but it is of vital importance. A trusted adult such as a parent, sexual education teacher, GP etc to discuss these things with is very useful as they can answer questions you may have or guide you to the right sources for information.  

If you do not feel you are ready to speak with someone close to you about this, you are always welcome to contact Childline. You can get in touch with Childline through our webchat at,contact us by text on 50101 or you can call 1800 66 66 66 if you’d like to chat to us on the phone.  The Childline team is there to listen 24 hours a day, every day. Our services are free, confidential, and non-judgemental. Our team members will support you and explore the different options available to you without telling you what to do.     

I hope that you have found some of the information above useful and thanks again for reaching out to us. 

Look after yourself. 


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