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My Dad's new girlfriend restricts my and my sisters' contact with him

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So i love my dad but i also kind of hate him. He has this girlfriend that is clearly no good for him, she hates me for telling anything truthful and she restricts my sibling and I’s contact with our father. I feel kind of stuck and I have no clue what to do, he clearly wont listen to me so help, please?


Hi there, welcome to ask Pat.  

Thank you so much for writing to us. We understand that it can be difficult to reach out and talk about things that might make you uncomfortable.  

Our family relationship can be tricky to navigate. Even more so when one of our parents enters a new relationship. It is important to communicate to your dad about how his relationship with his girlfriend is impacting you, and the influence that this is having on your relationship with him. Often, this can be hard for us to say and for the other person to hear. Perhaps you could write a letter to your dad expressing your feelings. Or I wonder if you could reach out to an adult that you trust- be it your mom, aunt/ uncle, older sibling or cousin, sports coach or teacher to let them know how you are feeling. They may be able to facilitate a 3-way conversation with you and your dad around this matter. You have the right to be heard and listened to, and to express how you are feeling. 

If your question is urgent, or you would like to talk privately, you can contact Childline for free by calling 1800 66 66 66, chatting online via our website on or by texting 50101. We are available 24 hours a day, every day.   

Thank you for reaching out to us. We hope you find this response helpful and that you can get the support that you deserve.  

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