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I just wanted to share that I'm dressing up as a small grey mouse for Halloween!

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Hiii Pat! I just wanted to share that I’m dressing up as a small grey mouse for Halloween! I’m sharing this cos I wanted u to know cos you help me a lot.. I’m very excited for this, to be a sneaky mouse for the whole day, the neighborhood will be frightened of a giant mouse haha, it sounds fun doesn’t it?


Hi there, welcome to ask Pat.  

Thank you so much for writing into us.  We are so glad to read that talking to Childline has been a helpful and positive experience for you. 

We hope that you had great fun dressing up as a small mouse for Halloween. We also hope that you didn’t give your neighbours too much of a fright!  

Thanks for getting in touch with us today and if you ever want to Ask Pat anything, please just leave a message. We are here to listen to you and offer you information and support.  

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