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I have to go to school even though I feel sick

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My mam won’t listen to me that I’m sick she says I have to got to school tomorrow but I feel really unwell


Hi there,  

Welcome to Ask Alex! We want to thank you for being here as it takes a lot of courage to reach out for support. You told us that you are feeling unwell, and your mam is not listening to you that you are sick. Firstly, we are sorry you are sick, and we hope you feel better soon.  

We are not medical experts here so if you are feeling unwell it’s important to talk to your GP or you can contact the HSE helpline  if you can’t access your GP. You can contact the GP without your parent’s consent if you are over the age of 16.  

You have the right to be protected and cared for in your home. It is often very difficult when our parents do not listen to us about how we are feeling. Often our parents have many stresses in their lives which may make it hard for them to listen to what we are saying. It’s important to choose the right time to talk to our parents, ensure they are not busy doing something else. We wonder if it would be beneficial to try to talk to your mam again and explain how you are feeling to her. You could also speak to another trusted adult in your life like another family member or a teacher. They may be able to support you in communicating with your mam about how you are feeling.  

If you want some support with how to communicate to your mam that you are not feeling well, or if you want to talk about anything else in your life, you can always call the Childline Team at 1800 66 66 66 or reach out through Live Chat at . Our services are non-judgmental and confidential. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Look after yourself,  


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