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To Pat / 15 May 2020

i get panic attacks

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Hey Pat, I’m in first year and the pressure has added to my stress, I have ‘Panic attacks’ (I dont know really what to call them) and they’re getting more frequent, I hate myself for getting panic attacks because I know it upsets my family, which makes me feel worse. I really want to get help of somesort. I feel so powerless over my panic attacks. The main contributor to my panic attacks is feeling like I’m not good enough and can do well enough.

From Pat / 20 May 2020


Hi there, you are very welcome to Ask Pat.

What you are telling us is that you are feeling under pressure and that pressure is causing you to have panic attacks. You are feeling that the panic attacks are getting more frequent and that it upsets your family, and you are not happy about this. You are feeling not good enough and can’t do well enough and this contributes to your panic attacks.

You are very brave to be able to explain yourself so well and Childline appreciates that you are going through a difficult time. It is understandable that you are feeling stressed and under pressure and it is okay to acknowledge that you are looking for help.

Childline would be concerned that you are feeling under such stress at the moment. As a child you have the right to be heard, which means you have the right to talk to somebody, like an adult who you feel comfortable talking to. You have the right to be happy, you also have the right to get help and there are support services available to help you with the pressure you are under and with your panic attacks. 

The website is run by the HSE and you may find some helpful information there. Our own website also has some articles on feelings and mental health

Childline have a 24 hour phone service at 1800 66 66 66. This is a free, non-judgmental service. We would be more than happy to chat with you as we are here to listen and support you during this difficult time. Childline also have a free text service at 50101, this too is open 24 hours and is confidential. You may prefer to have a web chat with us at, which is also a 24 hour service. We would love to hear from you and we could chat more about options that may suit you. 

Thank you for contacting us here at Ask Pat and we wish you well.


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