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I filed a rape report and haven't heard anything since

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Hi Alex I just wanted to ask I filed a rape report 9 months ago the last time I’ve heard from the gaurds was in January I don’t even know if the guy has been arrested is that normal?


Welcome to Ask Alex,
It is so important to ask questions and seek support for what you are going through. We will do our best to guide you to the support you require. You mentioned that you filed a rape report 9 months ago, and the last time you heard from the Gardaí was in January. We are sorry to hear about this, and we understand the frustration, worry, and anger you must be experiencing. Not knowing if the perpetrator has been arrested is likely causing a lot of anxiety.
After a sexual assault or rape of a minor under the age of 18, Túsla would also be involved in the case, and you might be linked with a social worker. It could be helpful to ask your parents or caregivers to reach out to that social worker to find out the status of your case. The judicial proceedings can take time, but you have the right to follow up with both the Gardaí and Túsla to get updates. When speaking with the Gardaí, it’s useful to have the name and shoulder number of the Garda you spoke with, so you don’t have to explain your case repeatedly.
Another important resource for your situation is the Rape Crisis Centre. They can be reached at the freephone number 1800 77 88 88, available 24 hours a day. Their website is They can provide support as you wait for a verdict or the next steps. The organisation CARI also supports young people who have been sexually assaulted at Remember that none of this is your fault, and nobody has the right to sexually assault you or hurt you in any way.
Dealing with such a traumatic event takes time, and having the right support and people around you is crucial. Your feelings are valid, and you might experience a wide range of emotions, which is normal. Don’t hesitate to follow up on the progress of your case as it’s an important step in your recovery.
Talking to a trusted adult or professional is important too. You’ll likely have many thoughts after such a hurtful event, and exploring, breaking down, and coping with them can be more helpful than dealing with them alone. You’re not alone. We hear and believe you. You deserve support and guidance. If you’d like to talk, we offer a 24-hour freephone service at 1800 66 66 66 and a 24-hour webchat at (click on the orange Live Chat tab). We won’t judge you, and we can help you explore options anonymously if you prefer.
We hope this information can help you understand your case’s progress and empower you to seek answers and speak up.
Take care of yourself,

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