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I am feeling unsafe in my home

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I’m feeling unsafe in my house and I want to be put in foster care


Hi, Welcome to Ask Pat.

You are very brave to get in touch with us, we know it is not always easy to do.

Currently you are feeling unsafe in your home and you would like to be placed in foster care. This sounds like a very difficult and unfair situation for you to be in.

Feeling unsafe at home is something no young person should have to go through. That longing to move to foster care is very understandable if home is not a safe place for you to be. You do not have to be alone with these thoughts. At any moment you feel you are not safe you have the right to phone 999 or 112, for emergency services.

Parents/guardians have a responsibility to look out for their children and make sure they are loved and safe. When this is not the case, then you have a right as a young person to reach out and talk to someone. Other adults in your life like your teachers, principal, relatives, and doctor have a responsibility to listen to you and get you help. Túsla is made up of social workers and people whose job it is to help make sure that every young person is living in a safe home. You can contact your local Túsla office yourself if you do not want to talk to an adult close to you first

Maybe right now you want to do some more research and chatting before you make any big decisions. Here are 4 articles you might want to take a look at:; (if over 16);; 

If you are in a situation where you would prefer someone else to phone emergency services or Túsla for you, Childline is always here to make that call on your behalf. You can get in touch with us for a chat first, and we can go through some options that may be available to you. We are completely confidential. We will not give out to you, judge you or tell you what to do. It is always your choice what to talk about, and what decision you want to make. You can free phone us at 1800 66 66 66, text at 50101 and chat online through Childline is open 24 hours every day. Childline never closes.

You are incredibly brave for being honest and open. Mind yourself. We hope to hear from you soon,

Warm Regards,


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