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I feel so tried of everything

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I feel so fucking tired of everything. I think I’ll be better off dead. I’m just 17 . I feel like this is not just a phase  If this is how I’m going to feel , then i don’t wanna feel anything anymore . What do i do ? 


Hi There, you are very welcome. 

Thank you for reaching out to Ask Pat.  

You say you are tired of everything and you think you may be better off dead. You are 17 years old and you say that you do not feel what you are going through is just a phase. You tell us that if this is how you’re going feel then you do not want to feel anything anymore. You are asking what you do. 

You are very brave and strong to reach out and tell us how you feel and ask for help. Thank you so much for trusting us with your thoughts. We know how difficult that can be, but we also know how great it is for young people to share their problems. Talking about and sharing what is going on for you is a big step forward.   

We are really concerned to hear that you feel you would be better off dead. You have a right to get help and support for how you are feeling right now. How would it feel talking to Childline about what you are tired off, and how your feeling? Childline is here for you. You have the right to feel safe and live a happy life. If you ever feel like you might be about to act on your suicidal feelings, you can call 999 or 112 and get help straight away from emergency services.  

It can be difficult to know how to cope with suicidal feelings. Have you spoken to a member of your family? Sometimes it may be difficult to open up to those close to us and tell them what is going on. But talking really does help. If you feel that you cannot talk to your parents, do you have another trusted adult or person in your life who you feel comfortable talking to? This adult can be an aunt, uncle, teacher, or a school counsellor. You have the right to be listened to, to be heard, and to be supported.  

Getting immediate help if you are feeling suicidal is hugely important. There are some organisations that might be helpful to you: You may like to look at these websites as they might help you understand what is going on for you and they could offer you a direction in how to avail of other supports. The Childline website also has some articles which you could look at It is important for your own mental well-being that you get the help and support you deserve, as well as talking about what is making you want to die and why you are so tired with everything.  

If you feel that you cannot talk to anyone around you just now, Childline would really love to hear from you. You are welcome to talk to Childline by phone on 1800 666 666, by text at 50101 or through our web chat at Childline is here for you 24 hours a day, every day. Our services are free, confidential, and non-judgmental. We can support you and help you look at what options are available to you.   

Remember, you do not have to go through this alone. Childline is here for you, whenever you would like to talk or chat. Telling someone you feel suicidal is a hard conversation. Well done again on reaching out and starting your journey to recovery.  

Take care of yourself, we hope to hear from you soon,   


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