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I feel bad for falling asleep while using the Childline Listening service

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I was on a chat to childline last night but fell asleep as I was absolutely wrecked, the volunteer closed /the chat as I had not responded. I feel really bad about falling asleep with the chat open, what should I do? 


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Thank you so much for reaching out.   

It seems you were using Childline’s chat service, you fell asleep during the chat, and now you feel bad about it. We are sorry to hear you are feeling that way but let us tell you that there is no need to worry! 

Childline’s main purpose is to give young people a safe space to talk. There is no judgement, no give outs or teaching of lessons. It is understandable that someone can fall asleep, specially if it is late at night. The chats in Childline would close automatically if inactive for more than 10 minutes, but we always check if the person is still there before that and we let them know that if they can’t chat at that moment, they can always contact again anytime.  

Whenever you need to use the chat again, know that we will still be here to support you no matter what, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

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