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I don't know what to do when my best friend isn't in school

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Hi what should I do when my brestfriend is not in school


Hello there, welcome to Ask Alex,
You are asking what you should do when your best friend is not in school.
Feeling lonely or uncertain when your best friend isn’t around is completely normal. It’s okay to miss them and feel a bit lost without them. Remember, friendships are incredibly important during our teenage years, and it’s natural to want that connection.
We want you to know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Many teenagers experience similar emotions when their friends are absent. It’s okay to give yourself permission to feel whatever you’re feeling without judgment. Whether it’s sadness, frustration, or even boredom, your emotions are valid, and it’s okay to express them.
However, it’s also an opportunity to explore other areas of your life and yourself. Take this time to engage in activities that you enjoy or try something new. This could be pursuing a hobby, spending time with other friends, or even taking some time for self-reflection and personal growth. Remember, your worth is not dependent on the presence of others; you are valuable and capable all on your own. There are many articles on the Childline website about friendships. Maybe you might find some of them helpful. You can find them here
If you find yourself struggling with these feelings or need someone to talk to, know that support is available. The Childline team is here for you, 24 hours a day, every day. You can contact us by phone at 1800 66 66 66 or through Live Chat at We are trained to listen, provide support, and help you explore your options in a safe and confidential environment.
So, while it’s normal to miss your best friend when they’re not around, remember that you are never truly alone. Reach out for support if you need it, and remember that this time apart can also be an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.
Take care of yourself, and know you can chat with us anytime,

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