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I don't have a crush, is this normal

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Is it normal never have a crush on anyone or not like “romantic stuff”? All the other kids my age are always talking about boys and crushes but whenever I look at boys I just feel jealous of them, not anything romantic


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First of all, we want to say how brave and self-aware you are for reaching out with this question. It’s perfectly okay not to have a crush or feel particularly drawn to romantic stuff. Everyone develops at their own pace, and there’s no set timeline for when these feelings should occur. It’s important to remember that you are unique, and your feelings and experiences may differ from your friends, and that’s completely normal.
Jealousy can sometimes be a sign of wanting what others have, whether it’s their confidence or social connections. It’s possible that as you continue to grow and gain more experiences, you might develop different feelings and interests. Just know that it’s perfectly okay to be your authentic self and not conform to what you think others expect of you.
If you ever find that these feelings are causing you distress or if you want to talk more about them, there are support services that can help. Two of them include the Samaritans, who provide emotional support (, and Jigsaw, which focuses on youth mental health ( They have trained professionals who can listen and offer guidance on a wide range of topics.
Remember, you are never alone on this journey, and there are people who care about your well-being. The Childline Team is also here for you 24/7, ready to listen and support you as you explore your thoughts and feelings. Whenever you’re ready, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 180 66 66 66 or by Live Chat (the orange tab at the right-hand side of the page) on our website Childline has somebody waiting to chat with you whenever you are ready to chat with us. You’ve taken a great first step by seeking information and support, and that’s something to be proud of. Take care, and know that you’re valued just as you are. 
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