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To Pat / 17 August 2020

I don't feel good

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I don’t feel good

From Pat / 8 September 2020


Hi you are so welcome to Ask Pat,

We are sorry to hear that you are not feeling good and we would love to hear more from you to explore why you are not good and what not feeling good is like for you. 

Feelings, thoughts and moods are very important to each of us. We are all individuals so the same thing can affect us all in different ways. When you do not feel good you have the right to be supported. This support can come from people we know like family or friends, or it can come from professionals like doctors or counsellors.

You have taken a big step in reaching out to us today, well done! We would like you to know that there are organisations that can help us when we are feeling like you are, services like or They each look at mental health and can help us to understand why we might not be feeling good all of the time. There are also some articles on the Childline website which you might like to read over. There are pieces about how you are feeling and they mention other organisations where you can find more support.

If you do not feel ready to speak to somebody you know at the moment, you can always get in touch with any of the other Childline services. Childline can be contacted by phone at 1800 66 66 66 or by text on 50101. You can also have a web chat with us through  All Childlne services are free and are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are a confidential listening service. We do not trace your phone number or your IP address. Each chat is dealt with by a person who will listen to you and will not judge anything you say or do. The chat is all about you and what is going on for you. It is your space to talk about anything that you would like, big or small.  

Once again, well done on getting in touch with us. I hope the information helps you in some way. 

Take care and keep safe, 


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