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I can't talk to my dad about certain things

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What do I do if I don’t feel safe talking to my dad about certain things? Like he deleted my roblox app which I used to make online friends (and i KNOW he knows I’m responsible so I won’t fall for that paedophile crap. ) and tell others about my problems, anxiety, bipolar, and minor anger issues. (Oh and PTSD!) But I’ve never talked to him about it since and I bet you’ll just tell me “oh just talk to him it can’t be that bad” but its easier said than done. And I think I need therapy. I either get my online friends back, (there was like 10 of them and I’ve cried over losing them. He blocked it on my Amazon kids fire tablet. Stupid tablets. Does anyone care about a child’s mental health?!? Im the future dude. ) or I get therapy. But I don’t want to talk to him about either I feel either he won’t understand or he’ll just tell me we can’t or he doesn’t trust therapists or that they’re too expensive. And every therapy app I try it won’t let me sign up… Shoot my dads mad got to go- 


Hi there, 

You are welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for taking the time to come on and ask your question. It is a really brave thing to do, because it can be very hard to do this.  

It sounds like you don’t feel comfortable talking to your Dad, as it is not a safe option for you. It sounds like he is worried about your safety online and this is why he deleted Roblox but you feel that you are responsible enough and that you wouldn’t have chatted with people online who you felt were not genuine.

You have the right to get help and support around how you are feeling. You mention you have anxiety, bipolar and anger issues. It seems you would absolutely benefit from chatting about what’s going on for you with somebody who can support you though this time of your life. Do you have any other trusted adults in your life that you might be able to chat to? This might be like a teacher or another family member. You would also benefit hugely from a professional medical health worker, you have the right to do so.

It takes a lot to be honest about how we are feeling and it is such a brave thing to do to ask for therapy and to get some support.  Here are a list of your rights as a child

Always remember you are welcome to contact us in Childline, we will never judge anything that you are say to us and it is a safe place to chat openly about whatever you would like. You can chat to us in Childline on which is where you will find our Live Chat service, or you can call us on 1800 66 66 66. Both of these services are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  

You have been so brave to come on and ask your question Remember this is such a brave thing to do and takes courage.  

Take care of yourself, we would love to chat more to you real soon 


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