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I can't seem to be able to relax

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I need help. I can’t relax. I was always told I have ocd. I can’t sit down because I have anorexia. I always have to be busy and do jobs. I have no motivation to do anything. I have to plan out every day. I need a schedule or I freak out and break down. I can’t meet up with my friends because I don’t like sitting in bed doing nothing. I need to do jobs to feel like I’m not useless but I’m just so sick of my schedule and everyday just feels the same. I feel trapped


Hi and welcome to Ask Alex,
We appreciate you reaching out and sharing what is currently going on for you. Taking this first step to support yourself and seek help is commendable; well done for being so brave.
You mentioned that you “can’t relax,” and this must be draining, filling every second of your day with something. Regarding being told you have OCD, was this by a professional, or did it come from people around you like friends or family?
You also mentioned dealing with “anorexia,” which is a matter of concern. Are you receiving support and guidance for this condition? It requires monitoring and rebuilding the relationship with food. If you haven’t already, discussing this with your parent or guardian is crucial, and a visit to the GP would be the first step in finding local supports. You can also explore for additional information and support.
Your struggle with the need to be busy while lacking motivation is evident. It seems like a constant battle, facing challenges with your own mind and body. Following a daily schedule that excludes connecting with friends due to an inability to sit and do nothing must be exhausting; it’s understandable that you feel “trapped.”
With various issues described, it’s essential to address them to find freedom and relaxation. Much of what you’re going through may be linked to your overall mental health. It’s unrealistic to tackle everything at once, so breaking it down is crucial. Immediate attention to anorexia is necessary, as the longer it’s left, the more damage may occur. Seeking support for anorexia might alleviate the need to control every aspect of your days, allowing space to enjoy your youth without constant pressure.
Connecting with your GP will initiate the process of getting the support you need. For mental health services, they can refer you to CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) or another relevant professional. Websites like, or may also be useful. Reach out and talk to specialists in these areas; you are not alone, and you deserve treatment and support.
If you’d like to discuss this further, you can reach out to our Childline team. Contact us any time of day, 7 days a week, by phone at 1800 66 66 66 or through Live Chat on This service is confidential, offering active listening and discussions about available options.
We hope this information is helpful, and you receive the support you deserve. Continue reaching out, knowing you’re not alone, and most importantly, take care of yourself,

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