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Hurts me when he's angry

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My dad is hurting me at home he gets angry and he hits me and this is frightening. 


Hi there and welcome to Ask Alex.  

Thank you for reaching out to us as we know it’s not easy at times to reach out for help and support.  You’re so brave to do so. 

You say that you’re dad gets angry and hurts you at home. We understand how you would feel frightened by this. 

All young people have a right to feel safe and happy, especially in their own homes.  Parents have the responsibility to keep you safe from harm, care for you and listen to you.  No one has the right to harm you in any way. 

You have the right to report what you are experiencing  to Túsla, the Child and Family Agency in Ireland. Túsla is there to keep children and young people safe from harm.  As a young person, you would need an adult to accompany you through the process. That can be a family member you trust, a teacher, or a neighbour. If you feel unsafe at any moment, and you need immediate help, you can also reach out to the Gardaí calling 999 or 112.   

What you are going through can be a lot for a young person to carry and deal with on their own. You have been very brave already, reaching out to us; we know how difficult it can be to open up about things not going well at home. We hope you have the strength to find support in a trusting adult, as it would help in lifting this weight off your shoulders and move towards getting the help you and your family need.  

If you feel there is no one you can turn to, remember Childline is here for you. We will listen and support you whenever you need. You can call us free at 1800 66 66 66 or use our webchat service, by clicking on the purple Messenger circle  on These services are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   

Thank you for reaching out and take care, 


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