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Hi there! Thanks so much for getting in touch with us.

Ask Alex is a service where young people can send in a question anonymously, and it will be replied to within a few days on the Childline website We receive questions on lots of different topics, from small things to big things. No question is to big or too small. If we get similar questions, we may not answer them both. You can find the answers to the most recent questions here

If you have a question that needs an immediate answer, or you are in any sort of danger, you can contact our Childline 24-hour service, where you will get through to a trained member of the team, a real person, who will support you and explore your options with you straight away. The freephone number isĀ 1800 66 66 66 or you can webchat for free at, just click on the purple Messenger circle to start a chat.

There are many other services to support young people and there families provided by the ISPCC. You can find our more about them here

So, please get in touch again real soon with the service which is best suited to you. If you ar not sure, that’s ok. Contact the 24-hour service and they will be able to guide you.

We hope this has answered your question. Look after yourself,


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You can ask me about anything you want, there’s nothing too big or small.