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How long are inactive Childline accounts kept for?

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How long are inactive childline accounts kept for? Last year I tried to log in to an account I made a few years before that and it wouldn’t let me even though my username and password were definitely correct. I was wondering if this means that inactive accounts are deleted or you can’t log in to them after a certain time? I just wanted to check as my account from a few years ago had some personal messages on it and I would feel better if I knew it was deleted/inactive. Thank you very much 



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From your question it seems like you are curious about a previous account you had with Childline and if that account is deleted after a certain time.  

Yes, personal data, including conversations with young people, are deleted from our digital portal automatically after 2 years unless Childline is concerned the young person is at risk. The only personal data currently collected by Childline apart from conversations is non-identifying information such as age, gender, what the call is about (e.g. bullying) and the level of risk to the young person.  

Young people can request deletion of their personal data and Childline account at any time. You can find our data policy at the following link Childline can usually delete personal data within one month, unless the young person is at risk and has given identifying information. In this case, Childline is required by law to share these details with Gardai and/or social workers to help the young person. 

The Childline Team are there to talk to you about your feelings and what is going on for you should you need support. You can us a call on 1800 66 66 66 or a text at 50101 or even have a web chat with us through 

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