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How do I stop being friends with them

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my friends think i’m causing too much pain within my group and i agree how do i stop being friends with them 


Hi there, 

Thank you for reaching out and asking for advice, it takes a lot of courage to do so. You mention that your friends feel you are causing too much pain within your friendship group, and you are asking how to stop being friends with them.  

Firstly, we are sorry to hear this is happening to you. This does not seem like a nice situation to be in and we hope you have someone to support you through it. Do you have a trusted adult to talk to about this as well? Maybe a parent, teacher, or sports coach.  

Whatever has happened within your friendship group, you have the right to feel safe and included. People may sometimes make us feel like we are hard to love and include us, these people are normally not true friends. True friends allow us to express ourselves and are mutually respectful and inclusive. Have you considered trying to expand your friendship circle? We know this is sometimes a scary and hard prospect, but a lot of people’s friendship group changes throughout their lives.  This article might support you in communicating with your current friend group: 

If you ever need to talk about anything that is going on for you or you are ever feeling overwhelmed, Childline is here for you anytime you need us, day, and night. is where you can Live Chat with us and you can call us at 1800 66 66 66 for free, confidential and non-judgmental support, 24/7, 365 days of the year. 

Take care of yourself, and know that you don’t have to go through anything on your own. Childline is always here for you,


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