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How can I stop self-harming?

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How do I stop self-harming?


Hi there and welcome to Ask Alex. 

We know that it can be a difficult thing to reach out and talk about what’s going on for you, but we feel that this can be a helpful thing for young people, so thank you and well done for taking the first step.  

Self- harm is a psychological response that some people use as a way of coping with the difficulties that they are experiencing in their lives. 

It is important to know that you are not alone.  You have a right to get help and support.  Is there a trusted adult that you can talk to you about what is going on in your life at the moment?  This person could be a parent, teacher, aunt, uncle, older cousin, a sports couch or music teacher.   

There are various psychological ways that people can harm themselves, if you are self-harming in a way that could result is physical injury to yourself, we would strongly advise that you talk to your doctor or a medically trained person as they will be able to treat any physical injuries. They are also great people to talk to about why you are self-harming.  You’re well-being is very important to us.  

Childline is always here to listen to you and support you.  You can chat to us a bit more about this (phone 1800 66 66 66, text 51010 or chat online at  

Along with organisations such as Pieta House and Mental Health Ireland 


We hope you have found this helpful and look forward to chatting to you,  



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