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How can I leave feedback about Childline

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Is there any way i could leave a review or feedback to ChildLine about the call/live messages service? Like, I have been on multiple nice calls and a few miss calls with volunteers and would love to share my feedback, tho i do struggle finding a way via the Childline website.


Hi, welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for your question. 

You mention that you would like to leave a review and some feedback for Childline. We really welcome reviews and feedback, they help us see where we can improve as a service, so thank you again for asking the question. 

There are a few ways you can leave feedback for the Childline Listerning Service: 

  • you can contact the Ispcc Head Office by calling 01 234 2000 
  • You can email the ISPCC at [email protected] 
  • There is an option to leave a message after every Live Chat conversation  
  • Or maybe you would like to have a look at  

You can also talk about your chats and calls and how you felt they went when talking with us on our freephone number 1800 666 666. We are here to listen and to support you and your feedback, good and bad, is very important to us.    

We hope you find the above helpful. If you have any other questions, you would like us to answer, be sure to get in touch again.  

Take care of yourself. We hope to hear from you soon.   



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