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Hey alex. So earlier i was at the park. And there was this boy, and he kept hitting on me HARD. With pick-up lines and stuff. That was the first time its happened. He said things like “are you a microwave? Because you’re hot.” And stuff like that. If he’d called me cute or pretty I might’ve been alright. He was cute, but I kinda have a boyfriend, and it was a bit uncomfortable. I mean.. He was really cute.. But once he said “ok, lets just cut to the chase, lets have s*x. He was probably kidding, but I just went over and like went to the swings. I tried ignoring him. The only things I’d said were ” dude”, “no” and “get better pick-up lines.”. A group of kids came and the girl of the group smacked him and stuff. I kinda wish I was that brave. And all the Boys roasted him and stuff. Gave me a bit more confidence, but I didn’t say anything. We ended up playing tag without him. But yeah. Idk how to feel. He was cute, but it seemed like all he cared about was looks. So yeah. Idk. I kinda wanna see him there again, but to be friends. Not….. What he wants.


Hey there, thanks for coming to us to share your thoughts and feelings!
It sounds like you had quite an unexpected encounter at the park. First off, we want to say that what you experienced can be really confusing and uncomfortable, especially when someone is being persistent with pick-up lines and making inappropriate jokes. It’s totally ok to feel a mix of emotions about it, from feeling flattered to feeling uneasy or even a bit scared.
It’s great to hear that you stood your ground and set boundaries by expressing your discomfort and trying to ignore him. It takes a lot of courage to do that, especially when you’re caught off guard. And well done to the other kids who stepped in to support you when things got uncomfortable. It’s ok if you didn’t feel ready to speak up in the moment – everyone reacts differently, and it’s important to prioritise your own comfort and safety.
Wanting to be friends with someone is totally understandable, but it’s important that any friendship is based on mutual respect and understanding, not just physical attraction. If you do happen to see him again at the park and you’re interested in being friends, maybe you could try striking up a conversation about something neutral, like a game you’re playing or something interesting happening in the park. Just remember, you’re never obligated to be friends with someone who makes you uncomfortable or crosses your boundaries.
It is concerning that he is asking someone he has just met, to have sex. The legal age for consensual intercourse in Ireland is 17 years. This website gives you all the facts about friendships and relationships and we would recommend reading through it,
Know that you’re never alone in dealing with situations like this. The Childline team is here for you 24/7 to offer support and help you explore your options. Whether you want to talk on the phone or message online, we’re here to listen and support you every step of the way. Just reach out whenever you need to, and we’ll be here to help. You can phone for free at 1800 66 66 66 or have a webchat at, by clicking on the purple Messenger circle and starting your chat.
Look after yourself,

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