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I really love the boy that is my classmate ,yes he spends his time talking with me but I can see that he loves me too I just wanna know that why he doesn’t just confirm that he love me 


Hi there and thank you for contacting Ask Alex,
You mentioned that you really love the boy who is your classmate. It’s evident that he spends time talking with you, and you believe he loves you too. However, you’re wondering why he hasn’t confirmed his feelings.
It sounds like you have a really positive relationship with this boy  and it would seem he makes you happy. There are many types of relationships friendships, romantic, family etc.
We wonder have you explored with him about how he sees your relationship. Maybe he sees you as a really good friend or maybe he would  like your relationship to become romantic but he is nervous about taking this next step in case he risks his friendship with you. 
Regarding why he hasn’t confirmed his feelings, it could be that he isn’t ready or is afraid of risking the friendship. Communication is key in any relationship, so it might be helpful to have an open and honest conversation with him about your feelings and concerns. You may find this article helpful
If ever you need to talk about it some more and you don’t know who to go to, know the Childline team is here for you. We will listen and support you whenever you need us. You can contact our free phone service on 1800 66 66 66 or chat to us through our webchat service, by clicking on the purple Messenger circle are here 24/7/365. So know you never have to go through anything, big or small, on you own.
Take care of yourself. We wish you the best in your relationship with this boy, whether it is friendship or romantic going forward.

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