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He left me on delivered

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my crush ended up in hospital because of a nosebleed from the air pressure on the airplane coming back from a school trip to paris. i messaged and he left me on devilered.


Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!
First off, we want to say that we’re really sorry to hear about what happened with your crush. It must have been really scary for both of you, especially with him ending up in the hospital. Nosebleeds can be quite alarming, especially when they happen unexpectedly. It’s understandable that you’re worried about him, and it’s natural to want to reach out and make sure he’s ok.
Being left on “delivered” after reaching out to someone you care about can feel really tough. It’s normal to feel confused or even hurt by that kind of response, especially in a situation where you’re worried about their well-being. But remember, everyone copes with things differently, and he might just need some time and space to recover. It’s important to try not to take it personally, even though we know that can be difficult.
We want you to know that you’re not alone in dealing with these feelings. It’s ok to feel upset, and it’s ok to want to talk about it. If you ever need someone to listen or offer support, Childline are here for you. Our team is available 24/7 to chat with you, whether it’s over the phone (1800 66 66 66) or through our online chat service ( Live Chat on You can reach out to us anytime, and we’ll be there to help you through your emotions and explore your options.
In the meantime, try to focus on taking care of yourself and managing your own feelings. It’s important to prioritise your own well-being, especially during challenging times like this. And remember, things might feel overwhelming right now, but they won’t always feel this way. Hang in there, and know that brighter days are ahead.
We look forward to hearing from you again,

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