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To Pat / 25 May 2019

Topic: Feeling Trapped

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Hey pat
I’m a teenage girl and i feel trapped. I eat as little as possible as I find eating a waste of time and I’m fear that I might put on more weight.

I always feel so lonely. Always. I could in a massive crowd and still feel lonely. I don’t feel like me anymore. I feel trapped. Like I can’t get out. I’m unmotivated as well and I’m becoming completely overwhelmed. My room is a complete mess and I’m cutting people off

From Pat / 24 July 2019


Many thanks for contacting us and you are very welcome here at Ask Pat.

You are very brave to talk about what is going on for you. It sounds like you are going through a very difficult time at present and have the right to get help.  You say you feel trapped and you eat as little as possible and find eating a waste of time, you also say that you are afraid that you might put on weight. You also say you feel lonely, even when you are in a crowd.

It sounds like you have such a lot going on for you and we would be very concerned that you are feeling this way and not eating. You have the right to be safe and happy and it doesnt sound like you have those feelings at the moment.

There are lots of support services out there for people experiencing these different kind of feelings.

BodyWhys is a service that supports people with eating disorders, this is a service you might find useful, you can contact them at 1890 200 444

On our website we have some useful tips in the INFO AND ADVICE SECTION, you may find this useful. 

There is also information available on the hse website at WWW.YOURMENTALHEALTH.IE, you may also find this useful. Also, we here at Childline would be more that happy to chat with you and listen to how you are feeling if you feel comfortable to ring us. we are open 24 hours a day at  1800 666666 and this is a free service. We would be here to support and help you explore the different options that are available to you.

We wish you well.

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