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Feeling scared

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im scared what do i do


Hi there, 

Welcome to ask Alex, thank you for reaching out to us. We understand it can be really difficult for young people to talk about what’s going on for them and how they are feeling. It’s a brave step, so well done! 

You have told us you’re scared and don’t know what to do.  First of all, it’s important that you feel safe. Every child has the right to feel safe. We don’t know about your personal situation, but if you are in immediate danger you can call the emergency services on 999/112.

When you’re feeling scared it can help to talk about how you’re feeling with someone you trust. Sharing your situation with people you trust can be a great way to get support and advice on what to do. This person could be a parent, family member, teacher or school guidance counsellor.  

If you do not have anyone that you trust or you are not ready to talk to someone you know about what is happening yet, you can reach out and talk to one of our Childline team on 1800 66 66 66, or through webchat at (just click on the purple Messenger tab). We are here 24 /7 to support you if you feel like sharing more about how you are feeling and what is making you feel scared.

We do hope you will reach out to us again, soon We’re always here for you. 

Take care of yourself, and know that you do not have to face anything on your own,


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