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Feeling like I'm out of options

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I’m depressed and I want to die, I’m addicted to sanctioned suicide site, drinking monster and vaping and I don’t have any options left idk what to do 


Hi there, thank you for reaching out to Ask Alex.  

It’s very brave of you to contact us as we know it’s not always easy for young people to talk about things going on for them. You said you are addicted to the sanctioned suicide site, drinking monster and vaping and you feel like you have no options left.

We, in Childline, are very concerned to hear that you are thinking like this. You have the right to feel safe and happy.   

Is there an adult in your life that you trust and would feel comfortable talking to about how you are feeling? It may be a family member, a teacher, a youth worker, a coach, or your GP. We know that it’s not always easy to share our worries and concerns, but we also know how important it is to ask for help when things are difficult. You have the right to get support around how you are feeling.  

The Childline website has some articles that might help you get some support around your feelings: and There is also who have a 24-hour support line for people with suicidal ideation.

If you are ever feeling in danger or at risk while at home or anywhere else, you can phone the emergency services for free on 999 or 112.

However, if you feel that you cannot talk to anyone you know just yet, then Childline is here for you, and we would really love to listen to you. At Childline we are focused on you and what is important to you. The services are free and available 24 hours a day. We do not judge anything you say. You can contact us through our telephone service by calling 1800 66 66 66 or by Live Chat that you access through the website 

Thanks for your message, we hope you found this information helpful. Please get in touch real soon for more support,  


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