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Alex, I feel so empty. I’m 14 and a female I’ve self harm since I was 10 and I can’t stop it I’m genuinely hurting so much and my parents instead of being there for me make me feel even worse. I’ve had multiple attempts before but I’m at my lowest ever and I’m about to be 15 in a few months its scary because I didn’t know I was going to make it this far.


Hi there, welcome to Ask Alex.
It takes a lot of courage to reach out and share what you’re going through. We hear you, and we want you to know that your feelings are valid. Feeling empty and struggling with self-harm is incredibly tough, especially at such a young age. It must be incredibly challenging to be experiencing these emotions while feeling unsupported by your parents.
It’s really sad to hear that you’re hurting so much and that you’ve been dealing with this pain for several years. You deserve to feel safe and supported, especially at home. It’s not ok for your parents to make you feel worse during such a vulnerable time. You deserve compassion and understanding.
We want to reassure you that there is hope, and you’re not alone in this. If you ever feel unsafe at home or feel like you’re in immediate danger, please don’t hesitate to contact emergency services at 999 or 112. Your safety is the most important thing.
Have you tried any therapy to try and give yourself safer options  to use when you feel low? You have the right to professional medical help. offer free therapy for young people who are self-harming. They also have a 24-hour phone service 1800 247 247, and text service (text HELP to 51444). In the meantime, you may find this article helpful
Additionally, there are resources available to support you. You are never alone. The Childline team is here for you, ready to listen and support you in any way we can. We are available 24 hours a day, every day. You can reach out to us for free by phone at 1800 66 66 66, or you can chat with us live at through Live Chat.. We’re here to help you explore your options and provide you with the support you need.
Please remember that there is hope, and things can get better. You deserve to feel happy and safe. Keep reaching out for support, and know that there are people who care about you deeply.
Take care of yourself, and know that you are valued. We want to wish you a very happy 15th birthday, and would love to here how you celebrate it.
Know that you can reach out to us any time, for any reason,

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