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To Pat / 05 Jan 2020

Topic: Feeling Anxious

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Hi pat
I’ve recently just come to terms that’s I’ve been making exuses and trying to cover up how I’m feeling by diagnosing myself with different conditions to help me cope
For years I’ve been asking my mam to let me be tested for an anxiety disorder but she says I’m just a worrier my thoughts are starting to take over my day to day life and I dont know what to do any advise would be appreciated

From Pat / 20 Jan 2020


Hello, welcome to Ask Pat.

You mention in your email that you have been asking for help for a long time because you believe you are suffering from anxiety. You state that your thoughts are starting to take over your day-to-day life.

If you are struggling with your mental health you have a right to get support and information around this. There is information available on the Mental Health Difficulties section of this website or on

You also have a right to talk to a trusted adult about this. If you don’t feel able to talk to your mum again, it might help to talk to a teacher, your family doctor, a school counsellor or another family member.

It might help to talk through your feelings and options with Childline. Childline is always here to listen and to support you.

You can call Childline on 1800 66 66 66 (24 hours a day), text Childline on 50101 (10am – 4am every day) or chat with Childline online on this site (10am – 4am every day).

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