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Drifting apart from my best friend

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I noticed I was drifting apart from my best friend. But when I mentioned how I felt to my friend group I was backed into a corner and accused of being in love with her. And it has really hurt me


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Thank you for getting in touch with us.  

You have been very brave in sharing how are feeling with us. You appear to very aware of how your relationship was going with your friend and when you looked to your friends for support you had accusations said to you and as a result you are feeling really hurt.  

It is very understandable that you would feel that way with your friends now. 

Friendships are very important to us and from what you are saying the relationship with your best friend was drifting and now it has spread to your entire group of friends. It really sounds that you are going through a hard time in understanding what happened in the group. Is there one friend in the group that you could reach out to and properly explain what is going on for you. It sounds like your friends are important to you, but also you need to know that no one has the right to hurt you. 

Talking really helps. Is there an adult that you feel comfortable with, that you could talk to about your situation? The trusted adult could be a parent, aunt, uncle or even a teacher. When we talk to someone, between the two, often actions can be discussed through and you can feel a little better. There are some articles on the Childline website about friendships and relationships. You can find them here and here

Sometimes it might be easier to talk to somebody who you do not know and we at Childline would love to hear from you and explore more with you around how you could manage the matter. Childline is a twenty-four listening service. We can listen to what you want to say. We will not judge you. We are accessible through telephones on 1800 66 66 66, or text  on 50101. There is also a web chat that you can access through our website

You do not have to be alone at this time, Childline is here for you, any time day or night. We never close.

Take care of yourself. We hope to hear form you soon.


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