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Do Live Chats ask for full name

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Hi Alex. Why do Live Chats ask for your full name? 


Hi, we hope you are doing well and thanks for your question. 

To start a webchat with us at Childline Ireland, visit our website at and hit the purple message icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

A pop-up message box asks to start the chat by sending a message. At no point should you be expected to give your full name as we keep chats private at Childline. 

When beginning to chat with a member of out team, they generally ask for a first name or a nick name, if that’s what is preferred, but you don’t have to share this and should not be asked for a full name as that would make the chat less private.

If you did experience being asked for a full name, then we apologise, but keep in mind that the conversation remains anonymous unless you decide to share identifying details. If a situation arises where a young person is in distress or in danger of being hurt, and they choose to give identifying information to us, Childline can then pass on that information to emergency or social support services who can come and help.

Remember, this is always the decision of the young person who gets in touch with us. You shouldn’t be pressured to give private details like a full name. 

The same process applies to conversations on our Childline freephone service 1800 66 66 66. 

We hope this helps explain how our Childline Ireland services work. Thanks for contacting Ask Alex. 

Look after yourself, and we hope to hear from you again soon,


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