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Do I have to be in Ireland to use your services

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Am I allowed to be on here if I’m not in Ireland or Ukraine? I’m in the US, and I’ve seen parts of the website that say like “tons of kids across Ireland have asked Alex stuff” and “child Ukrainian services” but I’m not in either of those places. Am I allowed to be on here? If not I understand. You’ve been so nice that I think its okay but I just want to check. Xoxo


Hey there, thank you so much for your question!

(ISPCC) Childline services are mostly for children and young people living in Ireland. We are based in Ireland and can only advise on legal rights and support services that are available in Ireland. So if you are in the US, we do not have knowledge of all of your laws and regulations or support systems you have in place there.

However, we can always welcome young people from around the world on our Ask Alex service and our Live Chat service as these are web-based services. We can chat to you about what is going on for you and can help you look at options that are available to you. Unfortunately our free-phone service does not operate outside of Ireland.

We hope this answers your question, and we are happy to hear you enjoy our service! Look after yourself,


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