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Dad has anger issues

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how to get your dad go into anger management classes


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You want to know how to get your dad support for dealing with his anger.

We want you to know that you’re not alone, and it takes courage to face challenging family situations. It’s okay to feel the way you do, and reaching out for support is a commendable step. We are here to help you through the delicate topic of suggesting anger management classes to your dad.

We can imagine it’s tough dealing with these emotions. Many of us face difficulties, and addressing them is a brave choice. Sharing your feelings with your dad is important; start the conversation by expressing how his anger affects you without blaming him.

Open communication is key. Use “I” statements to communicate your feelings and the hope for positive change in a non-confrontational way. Emphasise that it’s about creating a healthier family dynamic rather than assigning blame. It’s important to approach this conversation with empathy and understanding. Here is an article from the Childline website which may offer you some guidance

Remember, support is available. You don’t have to journey this alone. Consider reaching out to adults who can help and support you; perhaps another family member, or a teacher. The Childline team is also here for you 24/7. You can contact us for free at 1800 66 66 66 or through Live Chat at We’re ready to listen, provide guidance, and explore options with you.

Take care and remember that seeking help is a sign of strength. Look after yourself,


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