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where is the address of childline


Hi there, thanks so much for getting in touch!

Childline Listening is just one service provided by ISPCC for young people, and it is probably the most well know. There are 3 ways young people 18 years and younger can get in touch with us anonymously – by phone at 1800 66 66 66; by webchat at, by clicking on theĀ purple Messenger circle; and this Ask Alex service. We do not trace calls, use caller ID from phones or IP addresses for the webchat and Ask Alex, so these are safe spaces for young people to talk about whatever is on their mind confidentially, without judgment.

ISPCC has 7 offices nationwide, and you can find the address for each office here The full list of services provided by ISPCC for families and young people can be found here All ISPCC services are free of charge.

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