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is anyone there


Hi and welcome to Ask Alex, 

Thanks for getting in touch with your question “is anyone there”.  

We will explain a little about our services. At Ask Alex we receive the question, queries and feelings of children and young people across Ireland and with that we have a team of people that come along and answer those questions. The answers are then published on the Ask Alex page on the Childline website, The questions received are not answered straight away, so it may take some time to publish each one.  

Our Childline Listening service phone number is 1800 66 66 66 which you can use to contact us immediately or you may prefer our webchat service, which is available on our website (click on the orange Live Chat tab to start a chat).Childline is here for you anytime, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are free and confidential services. We are non-judgemental and will go through what your choices could be with you.  

The Childline website has a huge number of different articles and information on many topics, which may aid you until your question is published on the Ask Alex page on the website. You may even find an answer on the same topic you have a question about. 

We hope that this information makes what our services do a little clearer and directs you to the correct sources you need when you need them. Please know if you need your question answered straight away, then use our phone service or Live Chat service, instead of posting to Ask Alex and not getting a reply promptly, thinking that you have no one that can help you.  Childline is always here for you. You never have to go through anything on your own. Choose the best service for your immediate need. 

Take care of yourself, we would love to hear from you again. 


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