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Can 18 year olds use Childline services

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is 18 too old to be texting this, i need advice/comfort because i can’t talk to my parents


Hi there and welcome to Ask Alex,

You are asking us if 18 year olds are too old to text us, as you need advice and/or support, and you cannot talk to your parents.

We are sorry to hear you can’t talk to your parents about your worries. We wonder if there is any other person you trust whom you could talk to? 18 is the age limit to contact Childline, as at that age you are considered an adult. We recognise that you are in that impasse in between childhood and adulthood, and we are open to support you.

When you become 18, we believe there are other support services more suitable for you than ours. However, we are happy to guide you and signpost you to the one you might need.

And yes, you can also call or webchat with Childline using our free-phone number 1800 666 666 or Live Chat through our website We are open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. You can get in touch with us for any reason, any time.

We will be looking forward to hearing from you again.

Take care of yourself,


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