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Are all boys annoying

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Why do I want to have a boyfriend when I don’t find any boys I meet cute. They are all annoying.


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You are wondering why you still want to have a boyfriend when all the boys you have met so far are annoying. It’s totally normal to feel this way, and it’s important to acknowledge that everyone’s journey in relationships is different. It’s great that you’re honest about not finding boys you’ve met cute or feeling a bit annoyed. Remember, finding the right connection takes time, and it’s okay if it hasn’t happened yet.

In the teenage years, it’s common to experience a range of emotions and uncertainties about relationships. Sometimes, it might feel like there’s a lot of pressure to have a boyfriend, but it’s important to focus on what feels right for you. Relationships should enhance your life, not add stress.

If you’re open to it, consider expanding your social circles. Friendships can develop into something more, and you might find someone you connect with on a deeper level. Don’t hesitate to explore your interests and passions – you never know where you might meet someone who shares them too. Here are 2 articles you may find helpful; .

Always remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Whether you want to talk about your feelings, share experiences, or explore options, we’re here to support you at Childline. Our free-phone number is 1800 66 66 66 or you can use Live Chat on our website , just click on the Live Chat tab. We do not judge, and we can explore your options with you. You can contact us any time of the day or night, the Childline Listening service never closes, we are here for you 24/7/365.

Your feelings are valid, and it’s okay to take your time figuring things out. Take care of yourself, and know we are here if you would like to chat some more,


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