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To Pat / 15 May 2019

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I am uncomfortable with my body because even though I am not fat, my stomach sticks way out. There are so many types of tops that I can’t wear because of it. Please help.

From Pat / 24 July 2019


Thank you for emailing Ask Pat. It sounds like there are certain tops that you don’t like wearing because you feel that they don’t suit you. If you were to talk to your friends or school mates about this you may find that this is a common problem that some of them may be experiencing as well. Sometimes it can help to talk to others as it may help you to realize that you are not on your own and other people feel the same way you do. 

Everyone is unique, all with different shapes and sizes. Off the rack clothes are not designed to meet the needs of every different shape and size. From what you are saying there are certain tops that you don’t like wearing and that can be frustrating but there are others that you are okay with. What’s important is that you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

If you would like to talk to Childline about this you can contact Childline on, by texting 50101 or by phoning 1800 66 66 66

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