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To Pat / 15 May 2020


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Is it ok for a teacher to blackmail you?

From Pat / 15 May 2020


Hi there, you are welcome to Ask Pat.

Childline would be letting you know that it is never okay for a teacher to blackmail you.

That is against the law, nobody has the right to blackmail you.

If this is what is happening at the moment, we would be very concerned and would be letting you know that you would have the right to talk to a trusted adult which would be a school counsellor, a parent, relative, doctor, someone who you feel comfortable talking to. A teacher has the responsibility of looking after you in school and keeping you safe.

If you feel you would like to chat a little more about this you could contact us on our 24 hour phone service at 1800 66 66 66, we are here to listen to and support you and help you come up with options that are available to you. You can also text us on 50101. Childline would never judge you and it is a safe place for you to talk about whatever is going on for you.

Thank you for contacting us and we wish you all the best,


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