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My daddy gave me a really bad haircut can I send you a picture pleas


Hey here, 

Welcome to ask Alex, thank you for reaching out to us.  

We’re sorry you are not happy with the haircut your daddy gave you. We know how upsetting it can be to get a bad haircut. We’re sorry, but you will be unable to send a photo through our chat service. We believe you that your haircut, is really bad. It’s your hair and your views and opinions matter as do your feelings about it.  

If you’re worried about going out with your hair the way it is, it might be worth having a chat with your daddy about how you feel. You could tell him you appreciate the effort he’s made in helping you but you’d like to visit the hairdressers/barbers to get it more to your liking. Be polite and understanding but the important thing is to talk to your daddy so he understands how you feel.

Not liking your hair can affect your self-esteem and confidence, both of which are important. However a lot of times, especially with hair, it can take us a long time to get used to change. We can hate it simply because it’s not the way we thought it would look. Once we start to accept that it’s different, we can try to get comfortable with it and maybe even like it. 

Could you talk to someone you trust about how you feel? Maybe another family member, a grandparent, aunt or uncle? They may be able to help you feel somewhat better about things.

You can always reach out and talk to one of our team at Childline on 1800 66 66 66, or through webchat at (just click on the purple Messenger tab). We are here 24 /7 to support you if you feel like sharing more about how you are feeling and what is going on for you. Childline is a confidential, non-judgmental service. We’re here to listen to you, support you, and help you explore your options..  

Take care of yourself, and the great thing to remember about our hair is, it grows back! 


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