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To Pat / 29 Nov 2019

Topic: Anger

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Hi pat ,

I get random Bursts of anger quite frequently. When this happens it’s usually because someone has irritated me but family members believe that the person is not doing anything that would annoy /irate me . Is this a normal thing to happen ?

From Pat / 17 Jan 2020


Welcome to Ask Pat.

In your email, you talk about the fact that you get ‘random bursts’ of anger quite frequently. You feel that it usually happens if someone has irritated you.

It is normal to feel angry at times but you mention that your family members do not understand your anger and believe that the person is not doing anything that would annoy you.

It must be difficult for you to hear this feedback from your family members. It sounds like you might need a safe space to talk about your feelings. You might find it helpful to talk to Childline. Childline provides a space where you will be listened to without judgement, but instead with empathy and understanding.

You can contact Childline for free at any time of the day or night by calling 1800 66 66 66. You can also chat with us live on this website, or, if you prefer to text, you can contact Childline by sending a text to 50101.

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