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how do i get my mum to take me seriously; i’m so depressed and everytime i try to get help my mum calls me an attention seeker; i wanted to take my life on mothers day but i didn’t just because i care about her like that i just don’t feel like she cares about me


Hi there,   

You are very welcome to Ask Alex.   

It seems like you are having a tough time with feelings of sadness and depression and that you have been struggling with this for some time. We are sorry to hear this and would like to remind you that you have a right to be happy and content. It is understandable that you are feeling frustrated and as though you are not being taken seriously.   

It sounds like you have a difficult relationship with your Mum, we are sorry to hear this. Do you have any other trusted adult in your life that you could talk to about this? Your thoughts and feelings are so important, and it is vital that you have someone you can turn to. Reach out to other family members and friends, and try to use any support available to you. 

What are things like in school for you? Is there a teacher that you feel comfortable chatting to about your feelings of depression and your difficulties with your Mum? You can also chat to your GP about your feelings. Your GP might also help with explaining depression to your Mum.  

We are sorry to hear that you feel like your mum doesn’t care about you. You have the right to feel loved and lovable. It sounds like yourself and your mum have become disconnected from each other. Can you remember a time in your life when you agreed with or got on better with your mum? Was there ever something that you liked to do together, that might help bring you both back together. Maybe going for a walk or watching a tv programme together. Do you think suggesting doing this once again may improve your relationship? This article may be helpful for you

We are concerned to hear that you wanted to take your own life. The first thing to try and remember is that you are not alone. You have been very brave in reaching out to Ask Alex. Childline is always here to listen and chat about your feelings of depression and sadness. Childline can be contacted for free by phoning 1800 66 66 66 or via Live Chat on

You can keep the Childline contact details close to hand for moments when you feel very overwhelmed by sadness. Talking to someone in these low moments can help reassure you.  Childline phones and Live Chat are open 24-hours a day, every day. So, there will always be someone here to chat or talk to you.

Please take care of yourself, and reach out to us any time, for any reason,


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