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To Pat / 25 May 2019

Topic: Abusive Home

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how do i get out of a abusive house?

From Pat / 24 July 2019


Many thanks for contacting us and you are very welcome here at Ask Pat.

You are asking how to get out of an abusive house? Sounds like you have a lot going on for you and Childline would be very concerned that you would be living in an abusive house.

Every child has the right to be safe and loved and cared for and looked after. You didn’t mention what you meant by “Abusive” but no-one in the world has the right to abuse you.

You would have the right to talk to someone about what is going on, perhaps a trusted adult, like a Family Friend, School teacher or counsellor, someone that you trust.

We here at childline would be very happy to listen to you if you would like to give us a call on our confidential service at  1800 666 666, if you feel comfortable you could tell us a little more about what is going on and we could offer you contact numbers for support services that would be able to help you.

We wish you well.

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