what is bullying
Bullying is when a person or group repeatedly says or does things to hurt or control another person.

Bullying can happen to anyone

Bullying exists in many different forms. It can happen to anyone and it can happen anywhere. While some forms of bullying may not be as obvious as others, they can be just as damaging.

Forms of bullying

Physical Bullying


  • Physical bullying includes any physical contact which could hurt or injure a person.
  • Pushing, hitting and kicking are some forms of physical bullying.
Verbal Bullying


  • Verbal bullying often involves name-calling or making nasty remarks about a person or their friends or family.

  • Threatening, name-calling and teasing are all forms of verbal bullying.

Cyber Bullying


  • Cyber-bullying happens through texts, social media posts or in other ways which use technology.

  • Sending nasty messages, sharing upsetting photographs and spreading rumours about people online are all forms of cyber-bullying.

  • Find out more about cyberbullying here and about how to stay safe online here.

Nobody has the right to bully others

If you are being bullied, if you see bullying at your school or club, or if you have bullied others and would like to change, you can get support.

Is there a trusted adult you can talk with about how you are feeling? Childline is always here to listen.

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