Mug with pencils and highlighters, an apple, school books with a pair of glasses on top and a surgical mask lying against them.

A new school year

You may be experiencing different thoughts and feelings about going back to school. Some people may feel positive about this step, while others may dread the thoughts. It is important to know that it’s ok to be feeling either way, or to have mixed feelings.

How are you feeling?

You might be really excited about going back to school, seeing your friends again and getting back to a routine of having some time at home and some time at school.

You might be starting a new school this year and you might feel excited about this new chapter in your life.

On the other hand, you might feel worried, nervous or anxious about going back to school. There might be a couple of different reasons why you feel this way.

You might not enjoy school, others at school might not treat you nicely, you might have a different teacher, or you might miss being at home as much.

You could be worried about what Covid-19 will mean for your year in school. Perhaps you are worried about picking up Covid-19, or passing it on? You may be concerned that social distancing could make learning more difficult.

Remember, your school will be trying its best to make sure that school remains as ‘normal’ as possible for students and that they are responsible for making sure you have a safe learning environment.

Changes for our bodies

You might feel exhausted when you go back to school – going back to school can be quite tiring on our brains and our bodies.

Going back to school this time will mean going back to a different type of normal for us all. It is totally understandable if this makes you feel tired.

Settling into the new routine may mean different eating patterns than you had at home.

You may find it helps to give yourself time to eat at school and think of some things that are suitable for you to eat at break time that you enjoy.

Talking Makes Us Stronger

It is so important to know that your feelings are ok, no matter how you might feel.
Be kind to yourself – remember, you’re not the only one feeling this way.

Remember – talking makes us stronger.

If you are feeling worried about going back to school, or find it hard to get used to a new routine, is there an adult you trust that you can talk with about how you are feeling?

Childline is always here to listen, too.